Volunteer Life

Obviously the children we work with are our main focus but we also believe that you lovely volunteers deserve to have a good time when you are not volunteering (as well as when you are!) so here are some things you might like to consider…

Our volunteers live in dedicated volunteer accommodation. Safety and security are of paramount importance to us and we do our best to make you comfortable as well. As well as all the mod cons, we also have an impressive DVD collection and some books and games to borrow.

Our volunteers often cook and go out together, fostering a sense of community and helping to keep everyone safe.

We often run special trips for the volunteers and/or kids from the Children’s Home. Sometimes we go to the local park, a beach or for a jolly in the surrounding countryside.

There is a Volunteer Meeting every week to make sure that any problems can be solved, ideas and suggestions aired, fun planned and just to get everyone together.

There is always a member of in-country staff available should any crisis occur so you will always feel safe and supported.

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